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Nach fast 10 Jahren wurde die ON M 6216 "Schwimm- und Badebecken - Anforderungen an Beckenhydraulik und die Wasseraufbereitung" - mit einigen wichtigen Neuerungen - neu heraus gegeben.

Aber auch die EN 15288 und andere Bestimmungen werden in der zukünftigen Planung, Errichtung und im Betrieb besonders zu beachten sein.

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  04.04.2008 | Apr.04, 08

Bad Gleichenberg

PfeifferPartner did the testings by dying and deinking all indoor and outdoor pools in accordance to the water treatment capacities. The results have been positive throughout all pools - done in stainless steel.


Becken in Edelstahl auch bei 3.000 mg Chlorid pro Liter.


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  09.11.2007 | Nov 09, 07

NÖ. Baupreis 2007

PfeifferPartner hat "..als Planer einen wesentlichen Beitrag geleistet.." Die Verleihung des Anerkennungspreises für das Sole Felsen Bad Gmuend erfolgte durch LH Dr. Erwin Pröll am 21.11.2007 im Schloss Haindorf.


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  01.11.2007 | Nov 01, 07

bsw award 2007

PfeifferPartner reached the silver medal for the most beautiful Spa and Wellness project in the Hotel category. Pfeiffer+Partner erhält die Silbermedaille in der Kategorie Hotelbäder. Die Silbermedaille wurde anlässlich der aquanale 2007 in Köln verliehen.


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Tradition means experiance ? !





The directed flow of a fluid within a fluid.






A lot of famous names have been researching this topic

within the last 500 years up to now.


Strahlenturbulenz and its modification

has been and is used in a wide range of technologies.





Does pool technology tradition mean experiance ?



Already since more than 20 years

the bottom flow system is very common

in the Middle European region to

stream in treated water into a pool.



But: "We did it always so.."

is not enough to pass by

without comments to regional laws or guidelines.





PfeifferPartner supports 

a unique combination of 

knowledge, experiance and creativity.




So we did a comparison

within the same leisure plant;

in comparable conditions.

Bottom flow vs. Horizontal flow


Have a look at the results.



Download here >>Pfeiffer Strahlenturbulenz A4 03.5<<


This PfeifferPartner Presentation was held at

the World Convention of Pool Experts at

the Montreal World Championship.


Visit the Gallery

and have al look at the short video




PfeifferPartner offers - based on 20 years experiance -

a reasonable technical basis and

respectable and reliable values for

investments and operating.


We support the team of

planing, investment, contruction and operating with

competent informations, details, cost-truth and

the maintainance in getting what you`ve ordered.

In time, to arranged costs.


We love the dialoque

with you, our customers and the end-users.


So PfeifferPartner appreciates you for

your inquiries, questions and

any of your topics and opinions

related to our competence and experiance.


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